MyLifeForce– a new Lithuanian brand of food supplements. 

Our food supplements are crafted with respect to long lasting traditions of herbal medicine in Lithuania. The development of our recipes is backed by knowledge of human physiology and the expertise of biochemistry specialists, including a PhD in agronomy and winner of Lithuania’s 2014 prize of science in medicine and agriculture. Special care is also taken to ensure compatibility between chemical components and plant extracts. MyLifeForcefood supplements are suited for vegetarians and vegans as they are derived from plants, minerals and cruelty-free bee products. 

The manufacturing process is also crucial. MyLifeForcefood supplements are made in specific and pristine room conditions by utilizing powerful filters and highly sensitive sensors. 

We strive for high quality in all aspects when creating and producing our products. 

Take care of Your life force with MyLifeForce! 

OCULOCIN® eye drops are unique, innovative eye health products of advanced therapies for niche ocular conditions. Top tear performance, clinically proven efficacy and global recognition. Created, developed and manufactured in Lithuania

Created by a team of dedicated physicians from around the world, AMBOSS is an interactive library of 20,000+ medical topics interlinked with a Question Bank with over 5,000 clinical case-based questions. With all the necessary resources in one place, AMBOSS instantly delivers up-to-date medical knowledge to students, physicians, and faculty globally. 

Bookshop Krisostomus has been established in 1992; 
Largest bookselling company in the Baltic States, operating online in all three countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania;
Search for any book in English, German, Russian, Italian, Finish and other languages at: 
We pride ourselves on customizing your orders for your needs­ we will honor all of your requests for specific titles, authors and genres. 
We offer competitive discounts and free delivery. 
Flexible pricing and special attention to each and every of you . 

 Click now www.kriso.lt 

Company “Filmai ir kvapai” is Lithuanian producer of aromatherapy’s products for health, beauty, wellness and home comfort. Company is a family owned business since 2011.  

Brand aromáma has been created with love and devotion by the owner, aromatherapist and a mom of two boys Giedre Velickiene 

Aromáma is the best-known aromatherapy’s line in Lithuania. Products for the whole family are created to deal with everyday problems in a completely natural way. 

In the e-shop „Hifamed“ (www.hifamed.lt) you can find everything what you may need medical staff and their patients and all those who take care of their health (medical clothing and footwear, medical equipment, food supplements, cosmetics, first aid, hygiene, sports products, products for children, travel, diabetes, family planning, nursing, self-control, etc.), as well as gift vouchers that are especially relevant for various occasions or holidays.

Shop – salon is located at: Baublio st. 2A, Vilnius

Optometrijos centras is one of the biggest optical store chain in Lithuania, located in main cities.Business philosophy of Optometrijoscentras is combined with almost 20 years of expertise, professional and high quality equipment, know-how and passion for optical field.
Our specialists focus on constant development. By performing certified eye tests and fluent consultations about eyewear, we give our customers an exceptional and very individual experience. OPTOMETRIJOS CENTRAS has highly qualified, professional optometrists and ophthalmologists. As well, we have fully developed loyalty system with monthly special offers. 


Manufacturing Stone Paper Notebooks. Like standard paper, only better. Waterproof. Tear-resistant. Made from stone. 100% Tree free. Paper that saves trees. Less CO2 Emissions & Chemical-free Production.