General information

    • Fees

      Submission of the first abstract for LSMU SMD member is free of charge, for others – 15 EUR. In case of submitting more than one abstract, fee of 30 EUR is applied for each additional abstract (including LSMU SMD members).
      *who have paid for academic year 2020/2021 membership
      The abstract submission fee is non-refundable whether the abstract is accepted for presentation or not. There are no exceptions. 

    • Sessions


      The list of the sessions is preliminary and might change after abstract submission deadline.

      Anaesthesiology & Intensive therapy, Emergency medicine
      Basic sciences & Pharmacology: anatomy, histology, biochemistry, etc.



      Internal medicine: Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Rheumatology, Nephrology, Infectious disease

      Neurosciences: Neurology, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry

      Obstetrics & Gynecology

      Odontology & Maxillofacial surgery






      Public Health


      Surgery I: General surgery

      Surgery II: Cardio surgery, Orthopedics and trauma, Pediatrics surgery, etc.

      If a session has less than 7 accepted abstracts, the IHSC2021 Organising committee reserves the right to move the abstracts to another session or combine sections.

    • Participation in the conference

      Abstracts are only submitted by Active participants. Abstracts must be uploaded to the International Health Sciences Conference website. Submission is open to university students who pursue bachelor’s or master’s degree at any accredited higher education institution. Submission dates are as follows:
      * January 8th – March 7th 23:59 If you do not submit an abstract in the IHSC 2021, you can still participate in the conference as a passive participant. In this case you should fill the passive participant’s registration form. If you submitted an abstract, you will be considered an active participant and registered automatically.

    • Abstract requirements


      Terms for registering and accepting abstracts:

      1. Abstracts must be written in English.

      2. Abstracts can be submitted for oral or poster presentation. The final decision of presentation type will be made by the IHSC 2021 reviewers.

      3. Abstracts should be no longer than 3000 characters (including spaces). Title of abstract and references will not be included in the number of characters. 

      4. Abstracts must include the following parts:

         1. Introduction – short information that introduces the background of the research and illustrates its scientific problem;

         2. Aim – a short description of what you wished to accomplish;

         3. Methods – a description of methods and materials used in the research, including the type of study and statistical methods;

         4. Results – a description of the obtained results;

         5. Conclusions – a summary of your research and answers to the objectives. Try to avoid phrases such as “scientific research is in progress”, “the results and conclusions will be presented at the conference”;

         6. References – a list of literature sources which were used during your study. Citations should be written in Vancouver Citation Style.

      5. The primary review will be done by two independent experts. Based on their decision abstracts will be:

         1. Accepted

         2. Not accepted

         3. Accepted with modifications (the secondary review is needed)

      6. Each author will be asked to read and sign the statement of authorship when submitting an abstract.

      7. Clinical cases are not accepted at the conference.

      8. Abstracts must not have been published in any format before (e.g., the Abstract book).

      9. The approved abstract will be published without editing. For this reason, we advise you to make sure there are no mistakes left. The IHSC Organising committee will not be responsible for any errors in the abstracts.

      10. In order to make a comparable number of abstracts in each session, the Organising committee reserves the right to transfer an abstract to another session.

      By uploading abstracts, participants agree to the Terms for registering and accepting abstracts

    • Poster requirements


      Posters have to comply with the requirements as described below:

         * All posters will be presented at the virtual Posters’ session;

         * Posters should follow the requirements as specified in Abstract requirements;

         * More details about the presentation of the posters will be provided soon.

  • Oral presentation requirements


    Oral presentations have to comply with the requirements as described below:

    * The presentations should be prepared in English.

    * Presentations should be prepared using Microsoft Office Power Point. Presenters take full responsibility for file formats and the quality of the presentation.

    * The oral presentation should last no longer than 7 minutes, followed by a 2-minute discussion and questions.

    * Only one of the co-authors can be a presenter. The presenter must participate in the discussion after the presentation. Co-authors may also take part in the discussion.

    * The presentation files should be sent to the session coordinator a week before the beginning of the Conference.

    * Authors will be asked to use official IHSC 2021 presentation template for their presentation. The template will be available soon.