Students’ Scientific Society

Students’ Scientific Society of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is an organisation that brings together over 1,500 students and young researchers seeking knowledge and discoveries in biomedical field. The Students’ Scientific Society was founded on November 26, 1947, when aspiring researchers at the Kaunas University of Medicine unanimously voted to form a scientific society. Becoming a member of the Students’ Scientific Society, doing research, attending meetings of various groups and public seminars organised by the University is open to all university students. The Students’ Scientific Society is currently comprised of 52 different sections of biomedical sciences, whose members organise meetings, practical workshops, tours to appropriate departments and invite healthcare professionals to read lectures. During their university years, many currently eminent doctors and lecturers have participated in the conferences organised by the Students’ Scientific Society to present their research, compete for the award for best thesis and exchange ideas. The Students’ Scientific Society activities are spread in various fields of the scientific process, ranging from seminars about scientific work basic steps to multidiscipline monothematic conferences and other events where students can participate and prepare or present their work in biomedical sciences.


Organising committee

  1. Prof. Vincentas Veikutis,
    Scientific Advisor of Organising Committee
  2. Elvinas Monstavičius, Chairman of the Board; +37030310866
  3. Lukas Semeklis, Board member
  4. Agne Andriuskeviciute, Board member
  5. Lukas Galkus, Board member
  6. Arturas Jacinavicius, Board member
  7. Egle Kavaliunaite, Board member
  8. Mante Kireilyte, Board member
  9. Karolis Varkalys, Board member
  10. Egle Zelenkaite, Board member