Social programme

During your stay in Lithuania, the IHSC’15 Organising Commitee offers you the chance to explore the historically lush city of Kaunas. We strongly recommend you visit the following places during your in stay in Lithuania:



Kaunas is a city with a strong identity and an even richer history. An evening trip around the most important places of Kaunas is going to surely immerse you in its atmosphere. During the trip, you will see the Kaunas Castle, which dates back to heroic battles with Teutonic knights. Next to the castle sits the St. George Church, which, although under construction, is still a sight to see. Afterwards, the Kaunas Priest Seminary and the Holy Trinity Church await you. With a turn of your head, the Kaunas City Hall greets you with its Hall Square, while the Church of St. Francis Xavier, which has seen many famous people of its time, towers over the square. If you were to go deeper into the old town (which we hope you do!), you would find the House of Thunder and the Kaunas Cathedral Basilica of St.Peter and St.Paul. Finally, our trip would wind us up at the Historical Presidential Palace and the Church of St. Gertrude. Why are these places so important? Why is the House of Thunder named after Thunder? Find out all this and more by participating at our conference!

Duration: ~2h
Languages: English, Lithuanian.



The Pazaislis Monastery is a unique monument of Late Baroque founded in the year 1662. Until this day, Pazaislis remains the largest monastery complex in Lithuania.
Legend says the Blessed Virgin Mary has been seen in the Pazaislis Monastery. That is one of the reasons why the painting of St Virgin Mary, particularly worshiped by Catholics, is especially intriguing in Pazaislis. The founder of the church Christopher Pacas received it as a gift from Pope Alexander VII in 1661.
The 19th century was merciless to this monastery. In 1812, the retreating soldiers of Napoleon’s army robbed the monastery. After the suppression of the rebellion in 1831, the Monastery was closed, the Camaldolese monks were sent into exile and their property was confiscated. Later on the monastery was devastated again and again. During the years of Soviet occupation it served as an archive, a house for the elderly and even a psychiatric hospital. However, in 1992 the monastery was returned to the Congregation of the Sisters of St Casimir.

The organising committee offers you the possibility to visit the remarkable Pazaislis Monastery and its church and feel the vibe coming from the 17th century.

Tour duration: ~1 h 30 min.
Languages: English, Lithuanian.