Time until the conference:

International Health Sciences Conference

We are proud to introduce you the 4th International Health Sciences Conference that will be held on 16 – 18 May in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in Kaunas.
This event’s origins dates back to 1950 when the first national conference “Jaunųjų mokslininkų ir tyrėjų konferencija” was held here in Kaunas. This conference and its organisers maintained there traditions and now it became one of the best known health science’s conference in Lithuania. Over the years it became more and more sophisticated until in May 2011 the Organising committee has grown an idea to establish a new format of this event – International Health Sciences Conference.
The last “Jaunųjų mokslininkų ir tyrėjų konferencija” took place in May, 2017. There were presented over 300 scientific researches that were completed by Medicine, Pharmacy, Odontology, Veterinary and Public Health faculty students in more than 20 clinical departments. 3 days, 18 different sessions, thousands of questions and discussions among young researches, perspicacious doctors and professors, but only one winner. A fascinating event!

And in 2018 Students’ Scientific Society of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is pleased to announce a long waited the 3rd International Health Science Conference. The Conference will offer a good opportunity to contend with best scientific works, be evaluated by competent specialists, participate in various seminars and workshops, build friendly and professional relationships and share experience in fundamental medicine, biomedicine, dentistry, pharmacy and public health with medical students from foreign countries. Welcome to the International Health Sciences Conference 2018!